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Positive E-Newsletter
This is a monthly E-Newsletter that provides tips on increasing your productivity on both a personal and professional level. Please complete the request form on the Contact Page to receive your free copy of our Positive E-Newsletter. "I've been enjoying the e-mails that Rosemarie sends from her company. I've been using some of her ideas on my staff here." - P. Leenders, President, BBC

You may have people in your network that would benefit from this E-Newsletter. Please ask them to contact Rosemarie Strawn at rstrawn[at]positiveactions.com to add their name(s) to the distribution list. If you are one of those people, please complete the request form on the Contact Page.

Current Issue

Poll Question
What was the most creative technique that you used to win a sale?
The sale could be that of an idea, proposal or service. Top answers will be posted here at the end of the week. Submit your answers online.

Poll Answer

"Prospect was multi-location hi-end auto body repair; delays in their making a commitment. I express mailed a wooden car with a note to the effect: I'd like to repair your marketing. Next meeting they signed a contract. I thought he'd take the car to his young sons; he wouldn't even take it home; played with it on his desk!"
Ellen Silveman, ESA Marketing

Manage Your Time
Who has ever said, "My, how time flies?" We are continuously looking at ways on how to "save" time to get more things done. We're all busy with traditional activities of life - work, family, social commitments…

Some practical techniques to better manage your time are:
  1. Create your personal mission statement to include all aspects of your life - spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, social
  2. Create goals and a to-do list to support your mission statement for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly activities
  3. Prioritize your to-do list based on due dates, relative importance and dependencies on other tasks
  4. Say "NO" politely to others when their requests conflict with your mission statement
  5. Track activities with time durations to get a clear view of how your time is being spent. If my to-do list is on 2 pages, I reprioritize those tasks to result in 1 page. This amount of work is realistic for me to complete in 1 day

Top 5 Daily Activities
  1. Get spiritually filled - read bible & other "good" books, pray for yourself & others, meditate on Positive thoughts
  2. Get physically charged - rest at least 8 hours for healing, eat 5 small balanced meals, exercise at least 30 minutes, drink at least 10 glasses of water
  3. Get emotionally involved - smile often with yourself & others, laugh out loud
  4. Get mentally sharpened - read stimulating articles that lead you to action, play word games, complete crossword puzzles
  5. Get socially engaged - speak with people who you encounter (strangers waiting to become friends), associate with people who make you feel good when you spend time with them

How To Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking

It has been said that the number one fear is the fear of speaking in public. There's a story about a king, hero and lion. One day, a very long time ago, the hero had contradicted the king's statement. To make an example of him, the king decided to put him to death by throwing him into the cage with a ferocious lion. Everyone was invited to witness this merciless act. When the lion approached him, the hero whispered in his ears, which caused him to retreat. Everyone was curious about this turn of events and asked the hero what he had whispered. The hero replied "I told him that he would have to make an after dinner speech." Even the lion has the fear of public speaking.

Here are 10 proven tips to help you deal with your fear:

  1. Rehearse - practice your speech with family and close friends, which will give you confidence later for your audience
  2. Relax - deep breathe before you face the audience to reduce your nervousness and to relax your voice
  3. Feel no pain - there's no penalty if you forget some points or if you do not make eye contact with everyone: you will do well
  4. Just say it - you are the subject matter expert and your audience is there because they are interested in what you have to say
  5. Show sincere interest - be enthusiastic and energetic about your topic and people will mirror your attitude
  6. Use your body - move your eyes, mouth, head, arms and legs as you speak to emphasize and dramatize points and add interest and variety to your speech: this is entertaining to your audience
  7. Smile often - it's infectious: when you smile, your audience smiles with you
  8. Enjoy your spotlight - absorb the applause from your delighted audience as you complete your speech and remember this great feeling for your next one
  9. View a 5-minute video of our Public Speaking with Confidence workshop at positiveactions.com/mediaupdates/strawn5min.asf or attend our Public Speaking with Confidence workshop, view details at positiveactions.com/services/abstractpublicspeakingwebsite.pdf
  10. Join Toastmasters International - become a member of a great speaking organization that will help you improve your public speaking skills

Press Release For Immediate Release
September 10, 2005 - Positive Actions Increases Your Bottom Line Positive Actions announces that its Owner, Rosemarie I. Strawn, MBA, was appointed Advisor to the Industrial Advisory Commission by Mayor Brian Wahler of Piscataway in January 2005. As an Advisor, Ms. Strawn serves as a liaison between local businesses and the Township of Piscataway. Positive Actions is located in Piscataway, New Jersey.

Ms. Strawn was also appointed to the Middlesex County Workforce Investment Board by the Board of Chosen Freeholders in March 2004. As a board member, Ms. Strawn provides leadership and direction for all workforce investment resources to create a quality workforce system.

Rosemarie I. Strawn, MBA, Owner of Positive Actions, is a Motivational Speaker and Trainer. She is known as the “Productivity-Morale Booster.” Ms. Strawn has over 15 years of management experience with expertise in product team development, problem solving and employee training. She has helped increase team productivity for midsize and large corporations.

Positive Actions motivates teams to boost productivity, communications and morale and in turn increase their bottom line through customized cost-effective Training Seminars and Motivational Speeches. Some customized Training Seminars include: Public Speaking with Confidence, Time Management, Stress Management, Conflict Management, Change Management, Customer Service, Leadership Development, Positive Attitude for Productivity Improvement and Work/Life Balance. Some Motivational Speeches include: Value Your Work, Enjoy a Balanced Lifestyle and Live the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle. Additionally, we provide Public Speaking coaching. Positive Actions offers an Ezine on Personal and Professional Development from its website at www.positiveactions.com.

Seminars provide basic techniques to increase employee and customer satisfaction while improving the quality processes of organizations. Team members experience a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm. In addition, they maximize their full potential, both in their personal and work life - leading to increased productivity and in turn an increase to the bottom line.

For more information, contact
Rosemarie I. Strawn, MBA
Positive Actions
Tel: 732.394.0406

  “A leader, once convinced a
particular course of action is the right one, must have the determination to stick with it and be undaunted when the going gets rough."

— Ronald Reagan
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"Companies that invest above the average in employee learning outperform the stock market by more than 45%. Those that don't, under perform by 22%."
— (ASTD/Bassi)

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